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Creating the Perfect Wedding Backdrop with Wedding Flowers

November 9, 2023 | by

white and green flower bouquet Photo by nikki gibson on Unsplash

The Beauty of Bespoke Wedding Floristry

At, we’re dedicated to turning your wedding flower fantasies into reality. Our blog is a sanctuary for couples in Ireland looking to find the perfect floral accents for their special day. From the latest wedding bouquet trends to the timeless charm of classic arrangements, Josephine’s insights and tips will guide you through the world of wedding floristry.

Expert Advice for Selecting Wedding Flowers

Discover the art of selecting wedding flowers that complement your theme, venue, and personal style. Our blog provides expert advice on seasonal blooms, color palettes, and the meaning behind each petal. Josephine’s passion for floral design shines through in every post, ensuring your wedding flowers will be as unique and memorable as your love story.

Inspiration and Guidance for Your Wedding Flowers

Join us at for inspiration, guidance, and a glimpse into the beauty of bespoke wedding floristry. Let’s create the perfect backdrop for your ‘I do’.


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